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El Salvador

"S.O.T.A.M's goals go beyond just helping our close community. Our hope is to one day reach children from other cities, other states, and even other countries."

In 2015, Juan Carlos  had the opportunity to take our brand to a few of El Salvador's toughest rural communities and provided Free Open Clinics to children ages 5 to 14 years old. As you can imagine, the impact and experience was powerful to be part of.  El Salvador is a beautiful country that is corrupted by self destruction, poverty, lack of resources, and most importantly gang activity. We believe a brighter future for El Salvador will only happen by enriching communities with programs that promote youth development,  empowering academics, and recreational activities in this case futbol...

In 2016, S.O.T.A.M was able to go back and reach even more kids...120 of them!

In this trip, we were able to help over 35 communities and 85 families. This impact has carried on to 2017, and S.O.T.A.M wants to go back!

Seeing how much each child & family appreciates the work put in to give them the best experience is the ultimate reward. They were not only shown grace and love through the Bible Studies brought by our team, but they were shown the power of Soccer.

They learned how to work together to achieve a goal (literally) but we also gave them the proper tools to understand that only by working together, we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

S.O.T.A.M is eager to make a bigger impact, but we can only make that happen when we have Your help!

2017 Mission Complete - With 2 of our own S.O.T.A.M staff members and 5 Volunteers back from the Thanksgiving trip, we are please to say we achieved our goal of reaching over 170 kids for a three day camp. 

On November 20th, SOTAM took the week to work with over 170 kids in El Salvador.  We were able to take Bibles, Soccer shoes, Camp T-Shirts, a 3-day camp, and so much more. These kids were filled with joy and new experiences with our camp. With the help of "Assembly of God in Sitio del Niño" we were able to reach these kids and also reach children from the surrounding community that don't go to the churches. 

An experience that will not be forgotten by all the staff, El Salvador definitely left it's mark in SOTAM Heart. 




El Salvador 2016

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El Salvador 2017

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